A letter to Forrest Gump’s Mum.

Yes I know you are a fictional character from a fictional movie that I have probably seen over 100 times. But I need to tell you what happened the last time I watched it, I cried (but that happens every time) and I also noticed some things about you that I really hadn’t noticed before.


Firstly, I noticed how you don’t have a name. Of course you are called Mama and Mrs. Gump but what is your name, the name that the ones you love knew you by. You see you are so much more that a wife and a mother, I know this is Forrest’s story but so much of his story is because of yours, surely you deserved a first name.

I know the most famous line from the movie is about a box of chocolates but I’ll tell you the one that made me really think and it was this:

” Don’t let anybody tell you that they are better than you Forrest, if God intended everybody to be the same he’d have given us all braces on our legs”

Now religion aside beside because I don’t identify with any religion, the message I really get from this is, there is nothing wrong with you, you are not the one who is disadvantaged or different. If everyone was going to be the same they would be the ones who would change, you are just right. It really is perfect.

You are an inspirational mother to me, a mother who loved her child, who was never shy about expressing that love. You also have great pride in your child, you never apologised for making other people uncomfortable and you managed to impart so many wise lessons that your son obviously uses within his life. It is of course because of you that Forrest has such an amazing story, because you never told him he couldn’t do anything.




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