On Our Book Shelf: Nobody Told Me by Hollie McNish


I saw this book on Lulastic Hippyshake‘s youtube channel and on her recommendation I checked out some of Hollie’s spoken word poetry, ok I checked out every poem I could find by Hollie because after I watched this one I had to see them all. 

I am a huge fan of spoken word poetry, I used to write poetry up until high school but after a huge loss in my life I just stopped writting all together. That is until this blog 3 years ago, so poetry has always touched my heart in a way that nourishes my soul. Hollie is the only spoken word poet I have seen that talks about motherhood. So I knew I had to get her book, when it arrived I was so excited and got stuck into it as soon as I had a minute to myself (luckily Abby had an afternoon nap that day). What I usually do with books I enjoy is zoom through them as fast as possible but this one was differernt, I wanted to take my time, really hearing the words on the page. I found myself re-reading different poems and paragraphs.

One of the ones that really got me was this one, I remember breastfeeding and even after I had finshed breast feeding always feeling like I needed to always be someone for somebody else. That my body wasn’t mine. 

I feel like I have told everyone I know about this book, I need to get another copy so I can pass one around to my friends to read and enjoy. Especially my friends who are new mums. The next baby shower I go to this book will be my gift, I wish I had had it for after my daughter was born, it would have been great to read while stuck on the couch with my sleeping baby who refused to sleep in her bed during the day or on those late night cluster feeds.

So Hollie, thank you for writing this book. You have so elliquently written what it is like for so many of us as first time mums. You highlight the hypocracy of our society and hopefully make other people see things from a different light. I loved your book, your poetry and I can’t wait to see what you do next.

Buy it here

Book Depository

Mighty Ape


Robin xx



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