The Best YouTube Channels For Kids and Homeschooling

I know so many kids love those egg and toy unboxing videos on YouTube but personally it drives me insane and with infinite knowledge at our fingertips if my kids are going to watch something on YouTube I prefer it so have some kind of educational element. So here are some of our favorites. I have tried to share 4 completely different ones so there is something for everyone!

Crash Course Kids  My daughter has been watching some of these recently and while a lot of it is a bit above her level right now it has inspired some conversation about key words like Gravity, The Water Cycle etc. This is an excellently put together series that explores so many areas of the natural world and science. I see this being an excellent resource for us as our homeschooling continues. 

QuadSquad is a homeschooling family with 4 kids (hence the Quad in Quadsquad) I first heard of their channel when they were on a live stream with the Schmovies where they talked about how making videos really enriched their homeschooling experience. This one is definitely for the younger kids and at 5 my daughter is really enjoying their videos. 

Kids LearnTube We have only really watched their anatomy videos so far and they are fun, animated but have some really good, straight to the point information. I can see us singing along to these the more we watch them!  

Children Love To Sing If you are from New Zealand and grew up in the 80’s or 90’s you will know what this is! I just discovered they have a YouTube channel so we will definitely make use of this! They are fun and sometimes silly songs that you will probably get stuck in your head. From nursery rhymes and action songs they also have a really great selection of multiplication songs. 

So there are my Top 4, there are so many so I might share more in another post. Tell me what your favorite ones are in the comment section, we are always looking for more cool channels to follow!



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