All The Feelings

You know I always try really hard not to piss people off with this blog. I try really hard not to offend people or not to post things about tricky topics like religion, politics etc. But today I just have to write. I have to get all of the feelings out. This may change the way you see me as a person, as a blogger, or as some silly women on the internet but I am at a stage where that just doesn’t matter. It’s more important for me to use my platform and my voice to stand up and speak about what I think is most important.

So here are all of the feelings.

I hate that politicians and the media use tragedy to promote hate and fear instead of facilitating change. I hate the stereotypes and generalizations they use their platforms to promote. I hate that we never get the whole story and things are cut into bite sized pieces that make the best headlines for social media sharing and advertising revenue. I’m sick of people being referred to as expenditure and dollar amounts instead of their names, there circumstances and the fact that we need to help them.

I hate that my friends are called names based on stereotypes because of their religion, beliefs, clothing, the colour of their skin or the language they speak. Because instead of talking to them, getting to know them as a person they are put into these narrow minded pigeon holes. I hate that people choose fear as an excuse not to understand.

I hate that today’s tragedy gets it’s own hashtag and is used to see how many re tweets or likes it can get before it’s old news tomorrow.

I’m so sick of seeing religion used as scapegoat, to hate people or think that people deserve to be hurt, killed or bullied because they don’t share your religions beliefs is downright disgusting. Instead of using faith to spread love, understanding, kindness and helping people, using it to further spread hate and negativity is irresponsible and definitely not the kind of region I have ever read about.

I hate that it isn’t ok to have discussions, to have debates and that it’s not ok to disagree. That people can’t accept people for their differences and love them regardless.

I hate that my LGBTA friends are scared to come out to their parents, I hate that so many people choose to take their own lives each year because they aren’t accepted for who they are. I hate that we are having stupid arguments about the bathroom people choose and making so much more of a bigger deal than it needs to be. Just let the people pee in the toilet they choose to, better yet take the signs off the doors. Each cubical has a lock on it, what’s the big deal! I hate that in so many countries it’s still illegal for two consenting adults to get married but having a reality TV show about two strangers getting married or 16 women competing against each other and the prize being a man who they have also never met is perfectly acceptable. I’m talking to you Australia.

I hate that my dad had to teach me to hold my keys in between my knuckles when I’m walking alone, I hate that instead of teaching kids in school about consent we are sending girls home from school because their shoulders are showing. I hate that their appearance takes priority from their education.

I hate that their isn’t enough diversity on TV, in books and in movies.  I’m sick of their only being princesses for my daughter to look up to. I’m sick of there only being 2 women in history that we learn about school, like women haven’t existed for the past 500 years. I hate that our education system is broken and it’s more about politics and test scores than our children’s experience and learning. I’m angry children with special needs aren’t given adequate support and resources. I’m angry that troubled kids aren’t inspired, nurtured and given outlets where they can excel.

There are so many other things but I feel like this post is incredibly negative which is not how I like to be but sometimes things are just too much to not talk about them. I know some people who read this post will disagree with the things I have said, and that is completely fine by me. We aren’t all meant to agree with each other, discussions are a good and healthy thing to partake it. However we are all meant to be kind to each other. That is the only thing that will make this world a bit nicer to live in.

Robin xx




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