Where to buy ‘Boy Dolls’

We can all agree that it’s cool for boys to play with dolls yeah? We can also agree there needs to be more boy dolls for both boys and girls to play with! I remember when my little brother was a baby and my mum was expecting my little sister they wanted to get him a doll, but finding a doll that wasn’t over the top pink turned out to be an almost an impossible task. 9 years later it is getting better but there is still some improvement to be made. So I decided today I would show you some of the awesome parent owned businesses who are taking it upon themselves to create more of these dolls for everyone to enjoy!

Just 4 You NZ has gorgeous dolls, even ones with Cochlear implants! They all have different coloured hair, different outfits and custom orders are welcome, just message their Facebook page and they can organise that for you!

Needle and Nail are another family owned business right here in New Zealand, the Needle part of Needle and Nail are some of the most beautifully crafted dolls I have ever seen! You can purchase through their Etsy Store but you will need to follow their Facebook and Instagram pages to see when they are available and they sell out quickly!

La Loba Studio is based all the way over in Hungary but their shipping pries to New Zealand are reasonable so I thought I would include them in this list. The superhero dolls are so cool and their clothes are so detailed. You can see their full range on their well stocked Etsy Store.


Sheyna’le is located in Israel but again the shipping prices to New Zealand are very reasonable so I thought to include them as well. These blanket dolls are so cute and I bet they are very snuggly. One like this would have been a perfect first doll for my little brother all those years ago! You can purchase from their gorgeous Etsy Store

So those are my top picks for ‘boy dolls’. If you know of any others or make your own please leave links in the comments and then we can check those out too!


Robin xx

4 places where boy dolls online nz


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