Last Minute Birthday/Mother’s Day Gift Guide

I am known for leaving things until the last minute so I decided to do a last minute gift guide in case you’re the same!!

      1. Lush, obviously! It’s an amazing feeling to soak in a hot bath after a busy day! There’s even a special collection for Mother’s day that is amazing! The Rose bath bomb made my entire house smell awesome.mothers day gift guide lush books
      2. Food! I’m literately just listing my most favorite things in the world! This week I ordered from The Avo Tree and the next day 10 amazing avocados showed up at my door step! I went to my fruit shop last weekend and they only had one left and it was $7!! Yes $7 for 1 avocado!! I can’t wait for these gorgeous beauties to ripen up so I can eat them, although I think I will have to share with the rest of the family!avocado mothers day avo tree.jpg
      3. Books! Ok so if I imagine the perfect birthday or Mother’s day I would be taking a bath BY MYSELF with no little fingers under the door, eating and probably reading a good book! I will be doing a book gift guide next so make sure you check that out if you’re looking for a good new read! I also shared this video on my Facebook page and thought it was super cute!

4.Something handmade, I am a mum who loves my daughter’s handmade cards. This morning she actually thought it was Mother’s Day and made me toast for breakfast. She is just too awesome for words! For my mum this year I made her a memory scrapbook, you can check out the post where I made it here- it only took me an afternoon to do, so it’s a perfect last minute gift idea that’s not super messy!IMG_5053


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