Grown Up’s Go Free With Kellogg’s

School holidays and long weekends can get super expensive with activity programs, going out and about and on top of that having to buy new things for the school term ahead. Kellogg’s is running an awesome promotion; all of their boxes of cereal have a voucher on the back so that an adult can get in free at over 90 different activities over Australia and New Zealand (20 in NZ).


So with that we decided to check out the one closest to us, Owlcatraz in Shannon. For good measure I picked up my little brother and sister to go with us. Because we were going to be saving money on using the voucher, taking a couple of extra kids wasn’t a problem.
We chose to go to Owlcatraz because I had been there when I was a kid but hadn’t taken my daughter yet so the voucher was a great excuse to go and check it out!
First though breakfast! We had a little bit of driving ahead as well as a busy day so we fueled up first thanks to Kellogg’s and went on our way.
Owlcatraz is a guided tour, so we followed our guides and learnt a lot about all the different animals. I was especially fond of the donkeys and the cheeky goat. We also got to see lots of different birds including the weka, being that it doesn’t fly the kids got to have a really good look at it. We also got to see a real ostrich egg, did you know that they can stand being stood on by a 150kg ostrich!
Of course then we got to check out the owls, all with very interesting names like Owlvis and Owl McPherson. One of them was sitting above a light so we got to have a really good look. We also heard about how they lay their eggs in little hideouts and stash them under their wings to keep them warm for 30 whole days!
We saw real ones obviously but I didn’t want to frighten them with the camera flash!
Lastly was the train ride, I can’t tell you how excited the kids were about the train! All the kids in the group that we went with had smiles as wide as their faces. Then we walked around the picnic area where we were greeted by some very friendly peahen! It was great to be able to save so much money on our entry ticket, this is something that I love doing with the kids. Being that we are also homeschooling our daughter field trips like this are a valuable teaching tool and provide an extra classroom for her to learn from! The kids all had such a great time and because we saved so much money on our tickets we stopped for ice-cream on the way home!

If you would like to get yourself free passes to one of the 20 attractions throughout the country you just need to buy a box of Kellogg’s cereal. That’s it! The vouchers are on the back and the list of attractions are up on their website  This would be perfect during the summer holidays to save some cash and spend some quality time with the family!

This blog post was made with the help of Kellogg’s. As you can see by clicking the Out and About section on my blog I love travelling and exploring with my family. Thank you to Kellogg’s for sponsoring this post.



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