Spring To Do List!

It doesn’t really feel like it but spring has sprung! Their are lambs in the paddocks and daffodils on the side of the road! I thought it would be fun to do some spring goals or a spring to do list! It’s something I haven’t done before so lets see how we go!


  • Spring clean! Oh my gosh my house needs it so bad! I’m talking kitchen cupboards, kids toys, the linen cupboard everything! It’s time to pull everything out and put it back again! I want to buy one of those steam cleaner things so any recommendations on what one to buy would be greatly appreciated!
  • Pick daffodils, we did this last year and it was a bunch of fun, it’s also a fundraiser for Plunket so it’s good for everyone!
  • Sort out my front garden. We have a massive section and I find it so overwhelming so I am starting small and I am determined to tackle the front garden! Our house was originally a railway cottage so I’m thinking I will go for a cottage look garden with some hedging and easy care flowers.
  • Plant a veggie garden. This is probably the only type of gardening I will happily do because you get to eat it! We planted some winter lettuce a few months ago you can see it here- and it didn’t die so I think we will try and set up a little garden this time.
  • Outdoor entertaining area. I think it was right at the beginning of the year I brought a nice outdoor table and chairs with grand ambitions of sorting out our outdoor entertaining area. Well life got busy and it’s still in the box! But I am determined to sort that area (which includes pulling down 2 utility sheds) so we can enjoy that area a lot over spring and summer!
I will update you on the progress of all these mini projects!
What’s on your list?

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