The Underground Market Wellington

For the first time I finally went to the iconic Underground Market in Wellington. This is one of the markets I have always wanted to go to but never managed to get there.

Set in an underground car park on the waterfront it is a really unique setting for a market and I really liked it! There were quite a few stalls, a few I recognized from other markets but lots of ones I hadn’t! I really like the fact they have different themed markets throughout the year I think this helps keep it interesting for market goers especially with it being a weekly market.

There was one artist that I loved, especially because she was working on a painting while she was at her stall. Being someone who loves art and crafting but can barely draw a stick figure I love watching artists draw and paint! I swear their minds work in a different way that us stick figure artists!

There was another stall Blue Star Kiwi that we could have spent a lot of time and money! They had I think 3 or 4 tables worth of little miniatures, I was asking myself the whole time if I was too old for my own dolls house! I ended up letting my daughter choose 2 things and she settled on these little fairy jars with ice creams and strawberries. I’m sure she will get many hours playing with these and I can’t wait to get some more! It inspired me to get started on an extra special project too!

I left the market feeling inspired by the creators there which is extra important for me because I’m getting ready for my first craft market in a whole year! I can see that the Underground is a very well run market that attracts a lot of people and keeps it interesting. If you love going to markets or are a crafter looking for markets to showcase your work I would definitely check out the Underground Market!

Have you been? What did you think?




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