*Small Business Spotlight* Willow Boutique.

I love small business and I have decided to re-start our series showcasing the best of the best! This week it comes from Kimberly of Willow Boutique www.willowb.co.nz! I asked her some questions and she answered them! I couldn’t help but comment on some of the awesome things she said so my replies are in bold.

This little girl is already way cooler than me!

1. Tell us about you and your business, how did it start, what you do?I started making chiffon flower headbands. After a few average markets I knew i had to think of something only I could do. I’m a signwriter by trade and designer for 10 years. As a signwriter I learned to heat press clothing so i thought I’d buy some Carter’s (because they are amazing) blank onesies and put cute prints on them. It was a hit and it all stemmed from there. 
Wow what a cool craft to be introduced to! I love hearing of small businesses who take their skills learnt in corporate or ‘day jobs’ and use them to start creative businesses!
2. What inspires you?Beautiful things. I love monochrome in design and i always have. But i live colour in life too. I love looking at beautiful things other people make especially illustrators.

I’m so jealous of illustrators I can’t draw to save my life!

I am a huge Batman fan!!!!


3. What do you love most about your handmade business?It is my creative outlet. I have to create in one way or another. This gives me somewhere to focus my creative urges.
4. If you have attended markets in the past what has been your favourite one?Southern Crafters have been my most successful and are therefore at the top. I also loved the Women’s Expo in Invercargill. The sites were tight but it meant great banter between site neighbors, I loved it.
Getting to know the other business owners at markets was one of my favorite things too!

Just way too cute!!

5. What is your favourite thing to make? Anything that involves my hands. It might be easier to ask what I don’t like to make. Cakes, I suck at cake decorating and everyone thinks I should be good at it. I am not.

6. Where do you craft on the dining room table, a craft room, etc?I am lucky to have my own office at home. It has pink damask pattern walls, my computer, wall to wall wardrobe storage and a large crafting table. But I usually still spill out into the lounge haha.

Um wow! I think we need a peek into your creative space next time!! Doesn’t it always take over the house no matter how much space you have!!


7. What have you found the most challenging aspect of owning a handmade business?Getting people to buy. I’m constantly restraining myself from yelling ‘BUY MY S#%T!!’
Haha I think we have all had times like that! Especially at really slow markets!

8. Who are some of your favourite handmade businesses other than your own?Alphabets and Animals is a current fav. she is an illustrator who does the most beautiful black and white animal drawings.

Stitchaholic. She can sew so I’m in awe. Sewing isn’t my thing.
Love love love her stuff! She takes run of the mill baby stuff and makes them super unique! 
The Penny Drops is a local fav. Mel does beautiful watercolor originals, sews awesome infinity scarves and is just a creative guru.

Needle and I is an idol of mine. Have you seen her felt mobiles? They are so yummy.
Yes they are so gorgeous! I need all of them!


9. What advice would you give someone who wants to start a handmade business?Make sure you have good grammar. Nothing annoys me more than a business post in text language! Ahhhhh!
Yes!!! Amen to that!

A huge thank you to Kimberly for answering our questions and being our small business spotlight this week! Make sure you go and follow her social media and check out her website! Willow Boutique Facebook Page
Instagram @willow.boutique

If you would like to be apart of our small business spotlight send us an email or Facebook message!

 Robin xx



  1. Great post. Thanks for the shout out for The Penny Drops. Love seeing what you're coming up with – raising the bar in the south Kimberley: can't wait to see what you come up with next… and then next… and the thing after that… big things ahead I'm sure! x


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