Bowling and a Midwinter Christmas

This weekend we took Miss 4 bowling for the first time, my Dad has been wanting to take her for ages so we made a day of it with him, my husband, Miss 4 and I!

Abby loved it! She had such a great time and the bowling alley was all automatic so every time it was her turn the gutter barriers would come up. I kind of wished they had stayed up for me too because my game included a lot of gutter balls. I came dead last and Abby was in the lead for quite a while. All in all it was great fun and we will be doing it again soon for sure!

After that we headed over to the square where there was a midwinter Christmas event, there were people handing out bubbles and lollies to the kids and entertainment on the stage. Of course the ice skating is set up at the moment too but we decided to leave that for another day. We didn’t last long in the square because it was so cold but Abby had a ball dancing to the music on the stage.

Tomorrow we farewell a family member who was the most lovely of people and we will miss her a lot. The importance of making memories with my family is more prevalent in my life than ever before.

Robin xx


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