Health Stuff- Caution TMI

I have come to a crossroad in my life I feel, maybe it’s my quarter life crisis or maybe I’m just waking up to the reality and ready to face it.
The truth is I’m sick, there is a long list of things going on in my body right now and I need to heal it. At the moment I’m suffering from IBS and other digestive issues (partly because of my gallbladder removal), womanly issues, insomnia, fatigue and just generally being overweight. There is about a week out of a month where I can barely leave the house due to my cycle, I try to avoid eating out or at other people’s houses due to my IBS, I am yet to narrow down any specific triggers but all signs are pointing to dairy, bread, coffee and basically anything I eat when I’m out.

I would also love to drop some weight so I can have another baby, yes family who are reading this I do want another baby but I want to be as healthy as I possibly can be. I had a horrible pregnancy and postnatal experience with Abby and I don’t want that to happen again. I developed gallstones when I was 4 months pregnant and suffered through horrendous attacks right through my pregnancy while working full time. I spent weeks on end in bed and had major guilts letting my team at work down when I was so sick. Abby went straight to Neonates after she was born because she inhaled meconium and wasn’t breathing, spent 3 days there and when we were about to go home my blood pressure went through the roof and stayed there for 2 weeks. Trapped inside that hospital room, some days not even being able to stand up for fear of stroke I just about went insane. We were finally able to go home I had probably the worst gallstone attack I’d ever had and I went straight back to the hospital. I had surgery 3 days later to remove my gallbladder and spent the next week drugged up on painkillers, got pancreatitis, had another surgery to remove a trapped stone in my bile duct and had hundreds of blood test to make sure my kidneys weren’t going to shut down. 23 days after having my baby I was able to go home. I’m sure I ran to the car, didn’t want the buggers to change their mind and put me back in there again. Because of this experience I had some mental barriers to overcome I had major separation anxiety with Abby and it took me months to even let her out of my sight and almost 2 years before I let her stay overnight with my parents. I never imagined that this experience would affect me so much mentally to the point where it stopped me doing a lot of things I loved.

So next time I obviously won’t have gallstones because I have no gallbladder but I want to be as healthy as I can be so I reduce my chances of any complications. Especially because of my weight right now I could quite possibly get gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia and I know I would be miserable if that happened and I hadn’t tried everything I could to avoid it.

So the plan is, get healthy. Start putting my health further up the priority list and make myself healthier for my family. I want to set my daughter a good example when it comes to diet and exercise. I want to run around with her and have plenty of energy but due to all of the health issues this is becoming harder and harder.

This is not a woe is me, it’s simply keeping myself accountable! If I write it down I have to do it!

What are your health goals?

Robin xx



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