Making Friends and Blind Dates!

Making friends always seems so easy when you’re small, I watch my 4 year old at the park around other kids, they look at each other, smile and start giggling and playing together- it’s that easy! When you are in high school and girls see each other it’s normally along the same lines except when they look at each other they are taking note of what clothes they are wearing and if they are “cool” enough to be friends with them! As an adult you meet friends through work normally or other activities and these can either be “work friends” or they spill over into your “real life” friends circle.

Once you leave work and become a stay at home mum you have to reach out and find a whole different friend circle because all of your other friends are at work.

For me this circle of friends was my playgroup, I first went when my daughter was 4 months old after thinking about it for about 2 months. I was really apprehensive about going, I didn’t know anyone there and I thought I was probably walking into a room where everyone else had established relationships. I felt welcome from the day I walked in and I credit those amazing women for saving my sanity when I was a new mum. When we moved towns I was I was confident that I would find another amazing group of women who would become my support system. The first time we went to Playcentre I was nervous but not as nervous as the first time I went to the playgroup. I found having my daughter with me a great comfort and she became my little security blanket I took everywhere with me.

Now I am seeing that as she is getting older and I am pursuing my own interests I am again being put into new situations with new people, however this time I don’t have my chatty little security blanket! The first time this happened a few weeks ago when I attended my first ever #brunchclub meet up! I was nervous and wasn’t actually sure if I was going to go. But I did it! When I walked into the restaurant I had mega butterflies in my stomach, it felt like what I would expect a blind date to feel like but you know you’re going to get on with everybody! It was lovely, never have I been in a group of women where we all have the same interests! We ate some awesome food (I had eggs Benedict), chatted about blogging, life and what our goals were and even though we were all different ages, came from different backgrounds we were all in the same industry. It’s funny in an industry that’s all about numbers, views, followers, sponsorships etc etc there isn’t the feeling of competition. Everyone is so happy to help each other, give each other tips and support each others ventures.

I would tell anyone out there to join groups, go to playgroups with your kids, seek adventure and make friends along the way!

Robin xx



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