The week that was……

This week has been a busy one, we spent the weekend at the beach doing beach things. Making sand castles, fishing, snacking and a couple of glasses of wine. We came home Sunday and my husband returned to have a week away fishing (lucky for some right!!)

With it being just me and the sidekick home this week we spent a lot of time just hanging out at home, the weather has been rubbish so apart from a couple of walks we really haven’t gone out much. During that time I have managed to get some work done I shared a list of my favorite restaurants on Localist, I wrote a couple of reviews over on nzgirl Here and Here. I wrote a post Here about our trip to the A&P show in Feilding. I also got to try out some new products including a yummy new drink called Hopt which has half the sugar that normal fizzy drinks have which is great because I am trying to have less sugar in my diet at them moment!

I have had a great week, it is harder with the husband being away but there is less washing which is nice!







It was so relaxing sitting on the beach watching the waves with a cold drink! I think I could have stayed there forever.
I hope you had an amazing week too.
Robin xx

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