Tips for taking toddlers to museums!

At the beginning of July Miss 3 and I along with my dad made a trip down to Wellington to do some tourist like things! The first thing we did after getting lost finding our motel while navigating some seriously narrow, steep roads was visit the museum.

This was my first time taking Miss 3 to a museum and there are a few things I will do differently next time!

  • Take a stroller- while Abby is great with walking everywhere she did start to get quite tired! A stroller would have saved my arms because that girl is not a baby anymore and starts to get heavy really quickly!
  • Take a packed lunch or snacks- I made the huge mistake of not taking any snacks! This meant we had to by museum food and drinks which were very pricey! Next time a couple of sandwiches and a water bottle will be packed!
  • Leave the handbag at home! Next time we go on a trip I will be buying a backpack! Yes I will be the mum wearing a backpack which holds everything that you would, should and probably don’t need. But having a backpack would have been much more practical and easy to manage!
  • Set aside more time! We only had a couple of hours before the museum closed and when we go again I will be setting aside a whole day (If not 2) Miss 3 loved all of the kids play areas and we could have spent all day in the pretend shop!
  • Park in a better spot! So there are about 4 different car parks surrounding Te Papa Museum, one will cost you $4 the other will cost you $24- lesson learnt!
  • Warmer clothes, while it was a beautiful day outside museums tend to have very cold air conditioning!
  • Shoes were made for walking! You cover a lot of ground walking around a museum everyday!

Have you gone to your national museum? What tips do you have I would love to hear them!

Robin x


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