Feilding A&P show!

Last weekend we headed over to Feilding to the A&P show, this was Abby’s first ever show and the first one I had been to in years so we were excited!

There were so many animals to look at and so many varieties of each animal! Abby was concerned about the obvious smell and I may have had to bribe her with frozen yogurt to pat a sheep but after that she loved it! We saw the family from Araan Farm Milk Shop who my daughter recognised instantly because we love visiting their shop every week to get our milk.

Because we live in a rural town we often see a lot of these animals on our walks but very rarely get to see them up that close and get to touch them. I am a huge animal lover who grew up with pet sheep, goats, geese, turkey etc etc so given the chance I would have a small collection of farm animals myself (I’m still working on it!) I am also a huge believer in what animals can teach kids empathy, responsibility, friendship etc etc. I also think it’s very important especially in today’s reality that we teach children where food, milk and other animal products come from especially if you choose to eat meat. Meat isn’t something that comes all glad wrapped at the supermarket that was a living breathing animal who was killed so you could eat it. I think kids always find it fascinating on finding the connection between cows and milk etc.

All in all we had a great time at the show between the animals and food trucks there were carnival games and bouncy castles which Miss 3 loved. We will definitely be back next year maybe with our own sheep or cow to enter into one of the competitions!





Will you be attending any fairs or shows this summer?
Robin xx


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