Puddle Jumping

Puddle jumping blog

I like to think I am a fun mum to my Abby who is now 3 and a half. We go on a lot of outings, the park, zoo, the library, different museums etc. Heck I even make playdough from time to time! But I am a mother who I’m sure like others falls in the trap of directing my daughter into doing the easier activities that are less work for me to set up and clean up afterwards. You know colouring in vs. painting, dolls instead of messy play etc.

The other day after it had been raining Abby was dying to go outside so while I was doing the outside jobs, feeding the guinea pigs and throwing a ball for the dog I lost sight of her for a second, I walked around the corner to see her in her gumboots jumping around in a big puddle out the back. I instinctively wanted to tell her to get out of the puddle, it was cold, she wasn’t dressed properly and I didn’t want to get wet and sick! I stopped myself. I remember the joy when I was little playing in puddles, making mud pies and just getting all dirty outside! I think she thought I was about to tell her to get out too but instead I went and grabbed the camera. I stood there just watching her, and enjoyed the moment.

After she had finished splashing around kicking water and wanted to come inside I lit the fire and ran her a warm bath with lots of bubbles. I think this gave me a kick up the bum and reminded me that kids need this kind of stuff and I need to let her. Yes I am super busy and quite overwhelmed at the moment but she is 3 and sometimes she needs to jump in puddles!


Puddle jumping


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