Hamilton Gardens.

We were in Hamilton to see Disney on Ice a couple of weeks ago and on our way home we made an impromptu stop to Hamilton Gardens. I was pretty blown away by this place! It’s like nothing else I have ever seen in our travels.

It was beautiful! The gardens, the river, the ponds, it was a fantastic place and I’m so pleased we stopped!


First we fed the ducks and you will note Miss 3 did it in a princess dress! Why not right?!
Then we went and explored the gardens. Now I was thinking there would be a duck pond and some roses but boy was I wrong! Every turn took you to a different garden, they were all themed and styled differently from the tropical garden, Japaneses garden, Maori garden and the list goes on and on and on!



I think my favorite was the Japanese garden. ^ If I lived in Hamilton this would be a place I would come to write, read and think. The garden was made up of a Zen garden which backed onto a lake. I felt the tranquility and peace of it and I could have stayed there for hours!



There were fountains and ponds everywhere! The gardens were elaborate and quite breathtaking, I was not expecting the sheer size of the gardens from the outside!


Some of the gardens backed onto the river and they made full use of it with lookouts which made you feel like you were in a totally different world!


Miss 3’s favorite was the Alice and Wonderland sculpture! Being that we had just seen Disney on Ice the night before she was even more excited about it!
If you live in Hamilton or are passing through this is a must stop! Take a picnic lunch a camera and spend the afternoon wondering the gardens and getting some great photos!
Robin x


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