Where have I been??

I have been somewhat absent from the blogesphere for a while because sometimes things happen, devastating things that are totally beyond our control that remind us why we are here.

Why we are here on this world and how short a time we have. Not a single day has been promised to you (Blindspot song reference)

A couple of weeks ago my uncle at just 43 passed away from a stroke, something so sudden and unexpected that it devastated my family especially that of his children.

Things like this remind us to appreciate life, people and relationships. To step out and do things we want to do even if they are scary.

Loss reminds us that it all begins and ends in family that things like possessions and money and stupid Facebook games really mean jack shit in the circle of life (Lion King reference)

When I look at my daughter I want the the things she remembers about her childhood are that of family dinners and fun trips. Of a happy home and parents who love her, of spontaneous water fights and huts in the lounge. Not of mum working too much or worrying about the dishes.

I want her to look back at photos of her and her family and not just ones of her and dad because mum is always the one holding the camera.
I want to look back at the photos of our family and actually see that I was there.

So that is where I have been, spending time with my family, grieving, starting to re-build after loss and contemplating about life, about my families lives and what I want for them.

I want to thank you all for your kind messages on my Facebook page your support has meant a lot to my family and I. I will be writing again soon and maybe one day getting on a regular blog schedule but I doubt it I think writing is never something I can force it just comes when it wants to like now at 2am.

Robin x



  1. I'm so sorry you've been going through this Robin 😦 It sounds like you have a wonderful family around you to help you heal. These kinds of things always make me evaluate what I've got and how grateful I am. Lots of love to you!


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